Meet the Movement

With communities across the nation reimagining public safety and calling for an end to mass incarceration, a new generation of elected prosecutors has emerged with a powerful vision to transform the criminal legal system. Fair and Just Prosecution is inspired by these bold and visionary leaders and proud to work alongside them to create a fair, equitable, and compassionate justice system for all. We invite you to meet a few of the many members of this incredible movement below, who are profiled in our book Change from Within, released in October 2022.
Chesa Boudin
Former District Attorney
City and County of San Francisco, CA
Watch DA Boudin share some of the early life experiences that shaped his understanding of the criminal legal system and discuss his vision for change and advancing public safety.
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Satana Deberry
District Attorney
Durham County, NC
DA Satana Deberry shares her journey to becoming a lawyer, how she sees the role of race in the criminal legal system, and what she is most proud of from her work as DA for Durham County.
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Parisa Dehghani-Tafti
Commonwealth’s Attorney
Arlington County & the City of Falls Church, VA
Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti discusses how her family’s economic struggles when she was growing up shaped her understanding of justice and how witnessing a friend’s wrongful conviction led her to commit her career to fighting for a fairer criminal legal system.
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Mark Dupree
District Attorney
Wyandotte County (Kansas City), KS
District Attorney Mark Dupree shares how his sense of justice was shaped by his parents, who instilled in him the importance of seeing the humanity of every person and encouraged him to pursue a life dedicated to his community, With those values in mind, he become the first Black district attorney elected in the state of Kansas.
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Kim Foxx
State’s Attorney
Cook County (Chicago), IL
SA Kim Foxx discusses her early years in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green Public Housing, how this experience enables her to see the humanity in everyone who enters the criminal legal system, and the responsibility she feels to enact lasting change for her community.
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Sarah George
State’s Attorney
Chittenden County, VT
State’s Attorney Sarah George discusses the experiences in law school that motivated her to become a prosecutor in an effort to reform the criminal legal system and shares how her commitment to harm reduction has improved the health and safety of her community.
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Eric Gonzalez
District Attorney
Kings County (Brooklyn), NY
DA Eric Gonzalez shares how his upbringing gave him a unique perspective on the criminal legal system and instilled in him a passion for delivering the safety and justice that his community wants and deserves. 
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Mark Gonzalez
Former District Attorney
Nueces County (Corpus Christi), TX
District Attorney Mark Gonzalez shares how his own involvement in the justice system illuminated the deeply rooted inequities in the legal process, which motivated him to run for district attorney and fight for fairer, more just outcomes for every member of his community.
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Larry Krasner
District Attorney
Philadelphia, PA
District Attorney Larry Krasner discusses how his upbringing and his background as a civil rights lawyer who defended activists and fought police brutality gave him unique perspectives to bring real change to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.
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Marilyn Mosby
Former State’s Attorney
Baltimore City, MD
Rachael Rollins
Former District Attorney
Suffolk County (Boston), MA
Former DA Rachael Rollins discusses how her upbringing in a multicultural, working class family influenced her understanding of justice and fairness – and why she chose to work to address the injustices of the criminal legal system from the inside.
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Dan Satterberg
Former Prosecuting Attorney
King County (Seattle), WA
Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg shares how his perspective on justice has evolved throughout his career and discusses why prosecutors must confront and address the ways their offices perpetuate racial injustices.
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Tori Verber Salazar
Former District Attorney
San Joaquin County, CA
DA Tori Verber Salazar discusses growing up in a law enforcement family, how her perspective on the criminal legal system has evolved, and why reform-minded prosecutors are critical to bringing about change.
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