About FJP / Our Work And Vision

A Shared Vision

Fair and Just Prosecution (FJP) brings together elected local prosecutors as part of a network of leaders committed to promoting a justice system grounded in fairness, equity, compassion, and fiscal responsibility. These elected leaders – and the vision they share for safer and healthier communities – are supported by FJP’s network through ongoing information sharing, research and resource materials, opportunities for on-the-ground learning, in-person convenings, technical assistance, and access to national experts.

An Opportune Moment For Change

Great strides have been made in promoting justice reforms that recognize that prior “tough on crime” and incarceration-driven practices have not always resulted in safer or healthier communities. New thinking has started to permeate criminal justice agencies and has prompted proactive and prevention-oriented strategies.

Recent elections have ushered in a new generation of prosecutors committed to changing office culture, enhancing transparency and accountability, and embracing prevention-oriented approaches to public safety that are rooted in local communities, based on data and evidence, and less punitive whenever possible.

FJP is committed to working with these leaders and supporting them as they embrace new thinking and innovation aimed at enhancing the health and safety of all parts of our communities.

Our Work

Fair and Just Prosecution is enabling a new generation of leaders to move beyond incarceration-driven approaches and develop policies that promote a smarter and more equitable justice system.

As these elected prosecutors innovate and model new justice system strategies, FJP highlights their successes and promotes their accomplishments, thereby propelling broader changes in the field. FJP’s work underscores, by example, the vitally important leadership role of prosecutors in advancing fair and just practices and promoting safer and healthier communities. Click here to download a one-page overview regarding FJP.

Why Prosecutors?

Criminal justice policy is primarily set at the state and local levels. Local prosecutors exercise tremendous control over who will come into the justice system, what charges they will face, and the trajectory of their case.

Local elected prosecutors, including District Attorneys and State’s Attorneys, are on the front lines of change in our nation’s criminal justice system.

How We Facilitate Change

Fair and Just Prosecution connects an exciting new generation of prosecutive leaders to the latest learning and best practices of respected experts from around the country. As these leaders model new strategies in prosecution and public service, FJP helps them to overcome barriers, address ongoing challenges, and share their successes so others can learn from them and propel broader changes in the field. We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Building a network of prosecutors willing to rethink past practices, consider effective new approaches, and connect to other leaders in the field;
  • Creating learning opportunities for elected prosecutors through site visits, research materials, and access to key national leaders and experts;
  • Supporting elected leaders as they develop, implement, and champion effective changes to policies and practices in the criminal justice system;
  • Lifting up the work and collective voice of elected prosecutors as they model new ways to envision our justice system; and
  • Partnering with and connecting prosecutors to local and national organizations and resources, academic institutions, and experts committed to supporting prosecutive reform.