Luis “Suave” Gonzalez

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Sarah George, 2021

Mixed media, watercolors, and acrylic
Luis “Suave” Gonzalez is a Philadelphia artist and activist who uses acrylics and mixed media to craft pop-style imagery, collages, and murals that address themes of social justice. He spent thirty-one years in prison, and since his release has served as a TED Talk presenter, a Reimagining Reentry Fellow through Mural Arts Phila- delphia, an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, and cohost of the podcast Death by Incarceration. For more insight into Suave’s work, find him on Instagram: @the_mad_artist_chunky_papi.

Artist’s Statement

Inspired by the compassion and humanity the state’s attorney has shown for others, I created a realistic portrait of Sarah George and some of the characteristics that define her.