Tameca Cole

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Mark Dupree, 2021

Mixed media
Tameca Cole is an Alabama-based artist who works in mixed media. After being incarcerated at a young age and spending more than twenty-five years in prison, she is out on parole. She has long used art and writing as an outlet and now leverages these mediums to share her experiences about the criminal legal system and systemic racism. For more on Tameca’s work, go to southarts.org/grant-fellowship-recipients/tameca-cole-2021.

Artist’s Statement

Inspired by the impact of seeing someone who looks like me in an esteemed position, I created a mixed-media piece showing how positive imagery can provide inspiration, opening minds to new opportunities and possibilities. District Attorney Dupree is shown holding the scales of justice, which represent fairness in the judicial process; and a sword, which represents his authority, power, and ability to protect the community.